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Thanks for taking the time to visit my web page. 

Early in my business career, I learned the importance of sending a Thank You Card to my clients after a sale or service call.  It built a loyal following and relationships instead of "just customers".  Unfortunately, now most businesses just don't have the time it takes to design, print, fold, hand write a note, put the card in an envelope, hand address the envelope and put on a stamp. That's why I've decided to start this Handwritten Thank You Card business.

I will design a "one of a kind" Thank You Card(s) for your business, print them, hand write a personal note to your client, put them in an envelope that I have hand written the address on and put on a First Class Commemorative Stamp and take it to the Post Office. Some of my clients prefer that I bring them the Thank You Cards to personally sign and mail. There is no additional charge for that service and if they supply their own stamp, I deduct the cost of postage from the per card charge.

Most of my clients have me send out Thank You Cards once or twice a month and just send me a list of names, addresses and any personal information they want me to include in the Thank You Card. The normal turn around time is a day or two, unless you have a large quantity.

I charge $3.00 per card, which includes First Class Postage.

If you have any questions or would like something custom made, just contact me and I will try my best to fulfill your request.

Thanks again for stopping by!